Can anyone join OHDBC?

We are always accepting new members, please contact us to join.

What is dragon boat racing?

Dragon boat racing is a team paddling sport where the participants use a dragon boat. A dragon boat is a human-powered water vehicle; they were first made in the southern Guangdong Province in China.

Do I have to have my own boat?

No, we have a fleet of boats for paddlers to use. We also have outrigger canoes for solo paddling.

How do I join a team?

You can join as a solo member, or in a team of 20 paddlers. Contact us for more information.

When do practices start?

The club will open for the 2022 season in May 2022.

Where is the club located?

The Outer Harbour Dragon Boat Club is located at 480 Unwin Street in the Portlands of Toronto Ontario.